Introductions and Facts!

Hello everyone!

Hi, my name is Codey Navarro, a former student and a game enthusiast. I feel it’s necessary to tell you a little bit more about me. First off, I LOVE games. Pretty obvious, right? Anyways, I was introduced to games on the PlayStation 1, my first real gaming experience coming from the classic Crash Bandicoot. This game is still probably on my top ten favorite games list, and will always hold a very large place in my heart and is probably the sole thing that brought me to be a gamer.

Also, I love writing. It’s always been something I enjoy doing, especially when it’s about a game. Reviewing games is what the blog will mainly be about, with a few exceptions here and there for game trailers and first impressions. On this blog I will be writing about games from the past as well as games on release.

One more thing you may want to know about me is that I am solely a PC gamer. And no, I am not against consoles, considering they are what started me into gaming. PC gaming is another passion of mine, as the first time I got my hands on a computer I fell in love, and wanted to know all I possibly could about them. This being said, Steam is my main gaming platform. This is pretty much all I feel you will need to know about me for current times, but obviously feel free to ask question as I am always open to them.

Anyways, thank you all for reading and I hope to talk to you in the future!

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