Pigsodus, a point and click indie game

Disclaimer: This review is only based off the demo of the game, screenshots and a trailer! This is very, very pre-release! The game is bound to change by release.

Hello all, Codey here again with a special little game called Pigsodus.

For those of you who don’t know what Pigsodus is, it’s a indie point and click adventure game where the main character, Horace Oinkstein, is a pig. As described by the developer, the game is a “Point and click adventure game about friendship, survival, love, mystery – and pigs. Save your friends and become the Bacon of Hope!” (Also, Horace eats what seems to be magic mushrooms. That’s already destined for success).

From the demo which I played, the game showed off the core mechanics as well as the very beautiful art style and the music which, in my opinion, surpasses many AAA titles out this day. As well goes for the tutorial, it works well and teaches you how the game is meant to be played. It’s also very useful, and I feel they nailed it on the tutorial. The developers also threw in many small puns here and there, which made me smile.

Anyways, lets get down to the core mechanics. The smelling mechanic allows you to sniff out key aspects of the game which progress the story further. As well as the combat system along with the platforming. The game just comes together amazingly with all of the effort put into each different mechanic. I would like to thank the developer for the obvious hard work they have put into this part of the game, and really commend them on their efforts.

Visuals. Wow, just wow. Here, take a look at these real quick and make up what you think of them, because I think they are stellar.

Even the title screen gives me the chills on how beautiful this game truly is. And keep in mind folks, this is only the demo! From the artwork to the small jokes, this game just leaves me wanting more. This game just gives off good vibes.

Down to the music. Music is essential in any game, especially adventure games. This game has it done right, the composer really matched it spot on. It’s to the point you twitch around (in a good way) in your seat. It’s just that good, it makes you want to move. During the demo of the game, it showed off all of these aspects to the point you could definitely tell this game has the polish and hard-work to become a huge thing.

Now, it comes down to how much I really enjoyed this game. And trust me. I really enjoyed this demo. It definitely set the mood for the full game to come. I believe if anyone out there enjoys good music, scratch that, excellent music and a beautiful art style, this game is for you. It surrounds you with adventure, music and charming art. It pushes you forward to just want more. I feel the demo did this spectacularly, as it definitely did it’s job of making me want to buy the full game on release. As it goes for Horace, he’s the cutest damn pig I have ever seen.

Anyways, it’s about time to wrap it up around here and give it a score, which is somewhat difficult as the demo pretty much nailed everything I have to grade on it. As it goes for the demo, this game is as solid as a rock. Honestly, as it goes for pre-release, I’d give it a perfect 10. Psilocybe Games, pat yourself on the back. Really, do it. You’ve outdone yourself.

Anyways guys & gals, go check out their Kickstarter and support them here.

As it goes for Steam Greenlight, go here.

Once again, this is all based off of a pre-release demo, screenshots and a trailer!


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