Native, the indie game.

Disclaimer: This is based off of a pre-release demo and articles released by the developer. Anything based here is subject to change in the full release of the game.


Hello everyone, and today we’re going to be talking about the game Native. As it says on the IndieDB page, the game is a 2D survival side-scroller set in a Alien rain forest. It flashes off it’s own unique features, which will be discussed below.

Alright, one of the main things the game flaunts that you really don’t see in any other survival games is loot YOU choose, it’s not RNG. RNG is also known as Random Number Generator, it’s that pesky little thing you’ve most likely encountered in your epic quests out looking for certain loot. I believe this could be quite beneficial, but I also believe that RNG is a necessity to certain survival games, as when you do get that rare item, it’s that much more rewarding. Very few games can pull off  not using RNG in the survival area of the spectrum. Actually, now that I think of it, I can’t think of any games. I suppose giving the right standards, the developer can do it. At least I hope.

Other than that, the game is quite interesting with minimalist UI, simple crafting, and other key gameplay mechanics amalgamated into the wilderness as well as in the form of audio queues. As quoted from their page, “This forces players to be observant if they want to become a true native of the jungle!”

The trailer of the game on the other hand shows off the art style, which is very, very neon to say the least. It’s really visually appealing and that is always nice, it’s not bland and I particularly enjoy it. The game really does have potential is quite beautiful in it’s own way, to say the least. Other than that, not too much is really released about the game. But I press anyone interested in it to go out of their way to check out more about the game. For anyone interested, I’ll put the links below. Also, there is a demo on the Kickstarter for anyone interested in that.



The trailer

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