Trigger Time, definitely bullet hell

DISCLAIMER: I had gotten this game on a pre-release build. I played through the entire game, and I thought it was worthy to note things are bound to change from now and full release! 

Hello everyone, first things first I must apologize on the lack of reviews. I’ve been extremely busy in real life. But, since that’s out of the way lets get down to the review!

Trigger Time is an indie title currently on Steam Greenlight. It’s extremely fast paced, has tons of explosions. It’s great. No, but seriously the developer has done a great job on the game so far, and he’s definitely done well with the skill scaling. The game is difficult, but it’s not difficult to the point where you want to begin pulling out your hair.

Anyways, the game is a linear story line driven bullet hell. It has some METAL ass music and goes along with the explosions and gore perfectly. I really commend the single developer on this game, as he’s done a great job. Anyways, on to some other subjects.

One of the main tools you use is physics. But how would you manipulate physics? Of course a physics gun! It allows you to do some very creative things, like smashing green exploding lobsters with rocks. Yes, green exploding lobsters. Also, you have to use the physics gun on puzzles as well, and is a large part of the game. Almost as much, if not more than the whole killing things. Maybe. You also get quite a variety of weapons as you progress through the game, some intended for certain uses and some just intended to blow shit up.

As it goes for gameplay, I never really did find myself bored while playing this game, but I did find myself pondering puzzles for sometimes up to 20 minutes. (Note: This is probably because I’m really terrible with puzzles). But on to the puzzles, they are intricate and fun to solve, and they do take time. As it goes for bosses, there are 9 in total, all of them featuring a different set of skills and weaknesses, which are quite fun. All bosses are found at the end of each stage.

Now I wanna talk about currency. You can get gems, you get these through killing enemies and picking them up after killing the enemy. These are extremely useful for the menu screen after you pass every stage. You can buy extra health, better weapons and just upgrade in general. I just thought it was something to include, as for upgrades the health is absolutely necessary.

I didn’t find myself too amazed with the visuals, but obviously I wasn’t looking for Triple A. I’m gonna let it slide because the game is honestly really fun, and I’m not one to bash on a game for visuals, so I’ll let it stay and not press forwards on it. It’s not like they were appalling or anything, and it is a single developer so I completely understand.

Really, for being a pre-release build this game rocked in my opinion. Everything just seemed right. And for this, I say anyone who wants to have a tremendous amount of fun, definitely support this for Steam Greenlight, and also play the rockin’ demo. Anyways, I’m gonna start to wrap up this review. For anyone who is interested, definitely make sure to check out the game!






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