Tech Executive Tycoon

Hello everyone, today we’re going to be speaking about a game called Tech Executive Tycoon. Based off of the words of the developers, the game places you in the seat of a CEO of your very own entertainment technology company. As the CEO, you will be the one making all of the choices among your company, either bringing in the money, or possibly destroying all you’ve built up. The competition is vicious, trying to knock out others from the economical race and make their way to the top. You must be strategic in all you do, product development, marketing and so much more. Do you want to be the top tech company, or “that” company no one knows about?

While the concept seems quite exciting, it moves on to even more. You don’t just make one thing, unlike some other tycoon games where you focus on one item at most… Here, you can create many different products from consoles, to CPU’s to Graphics cards, video games and even PC’s. As well as you can create games and additional software for other companies and consumers to use. Your products can impress others or be a total complete failure, finding itself in in the “burn so no soul has to use ever again” bin.

You can also put together a whole marketing team and strategize your own ways, so you don’t have to follow a preset, which sounds pretty damn awesome to me! Your market team allows you to use different methods to reach the target audience, drastically changing your sales rate. And possibly even making your product a flagship item! You can also work out deals with companies offering complimentary products to your own to team up for better success rates!

On the miscellaneous side, there are many things you can do in this game, and really the sky is the limit. You can hire high level workers and executives to lead all aspects of your company, purchase and expand your office and outsource the work of third party companies. Customer service, manufacturing and more services (hopefully will be announced soon!).

The game sounds exactly like what I have been looking for in a Tycoon game, and I really can’t wait. It’s still awaiting release, I hope it comes out soon. From what they have set out to do, the game could be stellar! The release date is scheduled to come soon, it will be available on PC, Mac and Linux. It will be $24.99 USD on steam.

Learn more about the game here!

Tech Executive Tycoon Facebook

Tech Executive Tycoon Twitter!

Here is some Gameplay! (From the developers)


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