Deputy Dangle

Hello everyone, I thought I’d share a game coming out relatively soon (July 28th), called Deputy Dangle. The games story line goes a bit like this: Your name is Dangle, soon to be Deputy Dangle as you’re going to be deputized today. Everything is going well, but then the infamous criminal “GMA” decides to come and crash the party. Within minutes of becoming a deputy you’re on the case of Dangleton’s most infamous criminal! You use all of your abilities like climbing, flopping, grappling and generally just flailing around like a mad man. You and your partner Chongo are on the case, and you WILL catch GMA!

So, this game is quite intriguing to say the least. The game features many hilarious aspects, and also some mechanics that reminds me of previous games like I Am Bread for example. If you don’t know of this game, it basically allows you to control every part of your body, or for I Am Bread, of your four corners. The game can be quite enraging, but for this game, Deputy Dangle, I feel it will just make me laugh more than want to throw my keyboard.

The game features a very beautiful art-style with multiple popping colors. It really makes pops. All of the colors go quite well together, and it just seems pleasant visually. The actual art-style though is quite different, something I’ve not really seen. It’s somewhat hard to describe, but it’s really pleasing and I like it. I would have to say they did quite job on this, and I hope they continue to make games in a similar art-style. We’ll just call it the Chasu Entertainment art-style, as I really haven’t seen it done before.

The developers really had to of put time into this game, as it seems very polished so far, and I believe it could be a very entertaining game and worth the money on release, it just seems well put together. With a intriguing story line, but also with some comedy and flailing thrown in. Although, it’s always hard to determine whether a game will be good or not before release, I gotta good feeling about this one. Anyways, if you think it sounds interesting you should definitely check it out for yourself over at their website. I’ll leave it linked below. Anyways, I’m gonna wrap it up here. Hope you guys go check em’ out!

Deputy Dangle Website

Get it on Steam!

Deputy Dangle Twitter

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