Unaided: 1939

Disclaimer: This review is based off of solely a demo. Certain things from now to full release will change.

Hello everyone. Today I’m going to be talking about a game called Unaided: 1939. The premise of the storyline is that you are a undercover op’s agent hell-bent on destroying the German Reich from the inside. The game is currently on IndieDB as a demo. If you want to give it a shot, try it out for yourself. It’s around one gigabyte.

Anyways, initially when I booted the game I got greeted with a somewhat blank menu screen with the standard for most games. New game, Options, Exit game. Still, that didn’t stop me from hopping in game because saying it’s bad off of the title-screen is kinda’ like judging a book by it’s cover, ya’know?

Anyways, once I got past the title and into the game itself, I was greeted with the two main characters presumably. Had a bit o’ dialogue and then pushed me into the game. The game does have a neat art-style, as well as the perspective is top down. Although the visuals really didn’t pop out at me like some other games, I definitely wouldn’t say they were bad.

Once I had started playing, I was given a task of objectives I was set out to do. As I did them, I realized I hadn’t gone through a tutorial really. It was kind of learning on the go. Which kind of left me feeling clueless to some mechanics which I am sure I was missing. I was told through various hints I could tap Q to whistle and attract enemies to assassinate them. There were many mechanics in the game not presented, like you can press space-bar to hide behind dumpsters and other obstacles, et cetera.

With the lack of tutorial I also found the game had a few bugs, but they weren’t really game breaking. A few here and there were definitely annoying, although they could have been due to my own stupidity. To name off a few, if you die while sprinting it acts as if your character is still moving and the camera continues to pan with it until you respawn. As well as enemies sometimes seem to see me through walls, but with the top-down perspective I couldn’t really tell. Maybe I was in front of a window or something.

Other than a few bugs here and there, I really did like the animations presented through the game. The stealthy stabs were quite interesting and really attracted me to it. I sat there re-doing different animations to see which I liked the best. So, whoever did the animations I must say good job! The animations were solid, definitely. Although, another glitch to bring up is one where you go to stab someone and you definitely do enter the animation, but you are feet from each other and you’re stabbing the air. They do die, but it’s just something minor I would like to see fixed.

I really do thing the developer(s) are trying hard on this game, and I definitely think with some more time it could be really great. I really did enjoy playing the game though, just there was bugs that definitely knocked me off the high horse of saying this game is a perfect ten. But for a demo, of course there will be bugs. I mean, it’s literally a demo. I feel on release if everything is fixed this could be a really great game. As is, even with bugs I never really ended up bored and I think they did a good job on keeping the player captivated with a new challenge on each new level. There was almost a puzzle like quality to this game, figuring out the the enemies agenda, when the best time to strike is and much more.

Now I’m gonna wrap it up around here and say with a little more time the game has great possibilities and I hope the developer(s) pursue development on this game. As for the current moment, I’d give it a 7/10.  If you want to check out more of the game, I’ll leave a link below.


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